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FLAT is where it's at

This is a podcast for and about flatties. None of us said, "Man, I wish someone would cut my boobs off.", but since cancer came along and we didn't want foreign objects shoved into our chest cavities, we find ourselves livin' the flat life. Or, maybe we DID choose implants and found pain and disease there, so had them removed and we're livin' flat now. Or, maybe we found that we had a gene that made us very likely to get cancer, so we preemptively had our breasts removed. Some of us had a unilateral mastectomy and chose to remain flat on one side.  However we got here, we find that being flat comes along with very specific problems, weird situations, and wonderful freedoms. Here we discuss them all. (That said, I do have trans friends who HAVE wanted their boobs cut off, but different circumstances, different situations.) If you are flat and feeling alone, you can find support on facebook. The groups Flat and Fabulous, My Flat Friends, and Flatties Unite offer a huge group of supportive sisters. They have helped me tremendously. Also, GREAT resources for information and support for going flat can be found at and at

Non-flatties are welcome, too! We NEED the general population to understand our situation. You can also find FLAT is where it's at on instagram. Thanks for comin' by! And to learn more about me, you can visit 

Sep 18, 2019

Recently Dr. Rogsbert Phillips-Reed was honored by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as one of the "Women: Rising Up to Lift Up a New Generation". Fellow honorees were Hilary Clinton, U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath, Mary Liuzzo Lilleboe, and Rose Jackson Flenorl.  Dr. Phillips-Reed is a prominent Atlanta breast surgeon and founder of Sisters by Choice, an organization which provides breast cancer services and resources for uninsured and underserved women. Sisters by Choice says they provide over 1,000 free mammograms and breast exams to uninsured, unemployed and homeless women annually as well as free educational seminars, workshops and health fairs for promoting breast cancer awareness. 

Dr. Phillips-Reed and Dr. Yara Robertson head Metro Surgical Associates with offices in Lithonia and Atlanta. They are the angels who saved me by giving me the flat chest I asked for. You can follow them on Instagram, finding Dr. Robertson @dryararobertson and Dr. Phillips-Reed @dr_zel3626. Their business can be found @breastcare_metrosurgical.

You can find their webpage here


Here is the lovely Dr. Robertson.

And here is the lovely Dr. Phillips-Reed.


And here is just a sampling of the awards in Dr. Phillips' office.